Puerto Rico

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Puerto Rico and its small chain of islands and cays are one of the best kept secrets for chartersand sailing. You will feel the great hospitality from the locals as soon you arrive to the San Juan Airport. It would be very convenient to arrive a day early to immerse yourself in the Old San
Juan experience. The yacht charter will most likely embark in the Fajardo area that is the east side of the island. Fajardo is one hour away from San Juan. If you charter a larger yacht, departure might be from the San Juan Bay Marina.
On the east side of Puerto Rico you will find a chain of cays and Islands. As soon you start cruising you will notice the Islands of Icacos, Palominos, and Palominitos, where movies such as Pirates of the Caribbean and Captain Ron were filmed. They are all of crystal clear waters and
white sandy beaches.
The bigger islands, Vieques to the South of Fajardo and Culebra to the east. They are both geographically a part of Puerto Rico. Due to the Spanish speaking habitants, these island are known as the Spanish Virgin Islands.
Only 12 mile west to St. Thomas is the Island of Culebra. This island is great for snorkeling and scuba diving, as the water depths are rarely deeper than a hundred feet. Magnificent reefs with beautiful coral are all around the island. It also provides great night anchorage on Dakiti and Las
Pelas Bays. There are a few very nice local bars where you can have a drink and watch the sunset.
If you cruise in your yacht charter nine miles to the south, you will encounter the beautiful islands of Vieques. Sailing along the cost feels like being on a paradise island in the Pacific. You can visit the bioluminescent bay, go horseback riding, hiking, bicycling or just lay out in the sun on one of the islands many beaches. In 2008, the bioluminescent lagoon in Mosquito bay was awarded a spot on Guinness world records for brightest bioluminescent with the most intense shines. After this you can continue on with your charter yacht to the Virgin Islands or back to Puerto Rico.
Contact us for detailing a yacht charter itinerary of the Spanish Virgin Islands. You can charter and yacht rent crewed motor yachts, catamarans and sailing mono hulls of any size.

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