Leeward Islands

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Leeward Islands Luxury Yacht Charter

cKnown as the Lesser Antilles, The Leeward Islands are another great area for a yacht charter vacation. There are approximately fifteen islands from the north to the south. The main islands are St. Martin, St Kids, St. Barth, Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda. Explore the islands onboard a luxury motor, sail or catamaran charter. The crewed yacht charters are the way to go as you will be treated to the utmost level of hospitality, one might even call it pampered.

St. Martin Yacht Charter Rental

Most of the yacht charters will commence on the Islands of St. Martin where one of the international airports is located. It offers the best of both worlds, French in the north, and Dutch in the south. Saint Martin can cater any type of charter vacation, and has been the most popular location for the mega yacht charters. The most wonderful yacht charters in the world will be embark here. The yacht rental in St. Martin also includes catamaran charter and sailing luxury yacht charters.

From St. Martin you will cruise in your yacht charter to St. Barth known as the Caribbean Riviera because of all the spectacular yachts that anchor in its bay. A sheltered lagoon that is accessible to all type of yachts named Simpson bay is where all the yacht charters will commence their trip. It is also home to many marinas. This is the perfect spot from which you can start exploring the nearby islands in your yacht.

The luxury yacht charter in St. Martin includes mega yacht charters, luxury yacht charters, catamaran charters in St. Martin and sailing crewed yachts in St. Martin.

St. Barth Yacht Charter

From St. Martin you will cruise in your yacht charter to St. Barth known as the Caribbean Riviera because the most spectacular yacht in the world can be seen here, there are also sailing regattas and it’s the place where you get to have the most fun in the Caribbean. In this charter location you can find all type of luxury crewed yachts. There are also 14 lovely beaches, and the island popularity is due to the convenient location between Virgin Gorda and Antigua. The island is very accessible as well for catamaran charters and sailing luxury yachts.

Anguilla Yacht Charter

The island of Anguilla with its spectacular white crystal clear waters is a favorite for the yachtsmen.  This is a magnificent and remote place that is undeveloped, with the must turquoise blue water available anywhere in the Caribbean. The yacht charter Anguilla’s best attractions are the beaches, including the Anguilla’s national park. It is a place where you will feel the escapism and pure relaxation coming from the paradise island.

Antigua Yacht Charter

The Antigua Luxury yacht charter is an island with a beach for every day of the year. The island also has an international airport. To start your charter yacht vacation, head to the English Harbor where all the marinas are to be found. This is also the place for the famous Antigua Charter Yacht show, where all the Caribbean charter yachts come to be exhibited. The Natural Nelson’s Dock Yard and Falmouth Harborhave marinas that can cater a very large yachts, welcome charter clients that arrive on super luxury crewed motor and sailing yachts. All the mega yacht charter, sailing luxury charters and Catamaran charters will be embark here. Cruising in your crewed charter yacht by Antigua’s coasts you will find spectacular diving spots, white sandy beaches and nearby islands where you can stop for hiking and explore. The neighboring islands are Barbuda and Green Island.

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