Virgin Islands

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Yacht Vacation on the US Virgin Islands

Known as the US Virgin Islands (USVI) is a United State territory. It offer over 20 islands that you can cruise throughin your yacht charter very easily as they are very close together. This is the America’s Caribbean Paradise, with crystal clear waters and white sand beaches. The most popular islands are St. Thomas, St John and St. Croix. Your crewed yacht charter will usually begin in St. Thomas. For mega yachts, the embarking point will be Yacht Haven Marina at Charlotte Amalie. The crewed charter Catamarans will commence either in Red Hook east side of St. Thomas or in Crown Bay, also in Charlotte Amalie. There is plenty to see and do such as: National Parks, restaurants, bars, scuba diving, and beach enjoyment.  A charter Vacation on the U.S. Virgin islands is ideal for families and friends as there is always something to do for any group configuration.

There are plenty of anchorage points that are very close to each other. You can visit many beautiful places in a short amount of time. Wake up aboard your yacht and get breakfast in the morning, arrive on the next anchorage in just one hour. You can decide to spend the rest of the day there or take off for another very close destination with a great beach. That is the advantage to having so many islands so close together.

Luxury Virgin Islands Yacht Charter Rental

There is a great variety of yachts that you can charter, rent or lease in the Virgin Islands. The most popular are the Catamaran yacht charters. This type of yacht allow the guest get closer to the beach as it can reach shallow waters.  All cabins are similar and with their own shower and head.  The crewed catamaran charters come with captain and chef, and sometimes with a 3rd crew. The sailing yacht charters are mono hulls from 60 to 200 feet that come with crewand perfect to cruise the windy channel of Sir Francis Drake.  The motor yacht charters are also very popular and range from 50 feet to 300 feet. The mega yacht port in the Virgin Islands is yacht Heaven in St. Thomas. This is the ultimate luxury with all the commodities that you will find at home.

Virgin Islands Crewed Yacht Charter

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