British Virgin Islands

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BVI Yacht Charter Rental

Known as the sailing capital of the world. This luxury yacht charter destination is widely considered one of the world finest. Year-round warm waters have attracted discerning travelers. Surrounded by beautiful chain of islands, great views and a superb sailing. The BVI’s are most popular during the winter season, a great selection of catamarans, sail boats, and mega yachts can be see cruising around this paradise.

Yacht Charter Vacation in the British Virgin Islands

Due to the calm waters, trade winds, plenty of anchorages, and blue skies, the BVI’s have become the most remarkable sailing destination in the world. This is the perfect destination for a yacht charter.  Explore the islands in the comfort of your private yacht. There is accessibility for all types of motor yachts no matter the size. There are plenty of dive sites, untouched bays, and very accessible anchorages. The catamaran charters are very popular and there is a vast selection of size and luxury. As part of your charter onboard a yacht there are the attractions of the mainland Tortola, where you will find a variety of restaurants, bars and shops. The other very popular destinations within the islands are Just Van Dyke, Peter Island, Norman Island and Virgin Gorda.

The most popular yachts in the British Virgin Islands are the Crewed Catamaran Charters, but we also have beautiful luxury sailing vessels with crew, as well as luxury motor yachts and mega yachts for cruising the BVI’s in style.

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